All drivers convicted of two DUI’s occurring within five years, or three DUI’s, with the third occurring within ten years of the second DUI, will have an automatic license revocation imposed by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). After a mandatory no-driving period the DHSMV will determine if the individual is eligible to obtain a “Hardship License”. Once it is determined by DHSMV that the applicant is eligible for the Hardship License, participation in a Special Supervision Program is required for the length of the revocation.

Lenght:Revocation Period

Cost:$ 311 Initial enrollment payment and $ 55 every visit thereafter

What to bring:$

  • Letter of Eligibility from DHSMV
  • Proof of Completion of Any Required Counseling
  • Medical Information If Applicable

Important Information: English or Spanish: The DUI Program is provided in English and Spanish in our Downtown Fort Lauderdale, and Lauderdale Lakes locations. Please call (954) 763-4505 or (954) 535-9629

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