Our Fleet Training Program (FTP) educates corporate drivers to demonstrate positive attitudes to help reduce and prevent costly incidents and collisions. The program is guaranteed to reduce crash-rates, property damage, personal injury, lost revenue, and liability.

Our goal is to training Fleet drivers to maximize safety behind the wheel and to reduce liability to private corporations and government entities.

The Fleet Training Program is delivered In-Classroom and In-Vehicle settings empowering drivers to focus on positive driving attitudes to change risky driving behavior.

Our innovated curriculum focuses on behavior modification techniques providing students with a Pre-Driver’s Assessment and a Post Training Evaluation to deliver the most effective and personalized coaching. Our Fleet Training Program improves the skills of drivers who spend their workday on the road.

We conduct over 2,200 classes per year and help over 45,000 customers annually to become safer drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Broward-Dade Safety Council?

Broward-Dade safety Council was created by the Florida Legislature in 1968 and our mission is to improve traffic safety through educational programs. We are home to drivers improvement programs to include; Basic, Intermediate and Advance Driving improvement courses, Fleet Driving training Programs, Florida’s First Driving Under the Influence Program, courses required by law for all first time drivers, and an array of other public safety programs. All of our programs are approved by the State of Florida and required for drivers who are seeking a Driver’s license for the first time or have committed all kind of criminal or civil traffic infraction

Why Broward-Dade Safety Council?

Our team of instructors is made of current and former high ranking Law Enforcement Officers with a background in traffic investigation, accident reconstruction, and traffic safety in general. Many of our instructor’s investigations have served as ground-base for court cases nationwide.

What kind of training does the Safety Council offer?

BDSC comprehensive line of fleet driver safety products and services includes behind-the-wheel training, classroom instruction, seminars, consulting services, online testing and computer-based training.

Who are BDSC clients?

Any person or individual who drive or will like to drive. We train private corporations, government employees and court or DMV mandated clients.

Can I afford BDSC training?

Driving is the most dangerous thing we all do every day. A well trained driver helps reduce and prevent costly incidents and collisions. The program is guaranteed to reduce crash-rates, property damage, personal injury, lost revenue, and liability.

Where can the training be held?

We bring the training to your drivers, even for our behind the wheel programs. We also have classroom locations available in all 50 states.

Will my drivers be receptive to training?

We were recently selected by the US Department of Transportation- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a pilot traffic safety program to complement their current efforts to reduce the number of motor vehicle deaths and injuries in our nation. After attending the training, your drivers will be more confident in their ability to handle a crisis behind the wheel and better equipped to avoid a crash.

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